Phil Beresford

Digital creative, design and art direction.

There's Nothing Like Australia

The objective of the 'There's Nothing Like Australia' website was to sell Australia as a global tourist destination. It was Tourism Australia's first campaign and website utilising social media. Australians were asked to upload a photo of their favourite place and complete the sentence: "There's nothing like..." to win prizes. The campaign was run through multiple media channels and proved to be an overwhelming success, it even pulled the server to its knees within the first few hours after launch. During the 8 week campaign the site saw nearly 30,000 experiences submitted resulting in one of the largest user-generated websites in Australia today. It is also currently being rolled out in 17 languages globally to run in other countries with their residents submitting their own favourite Australian experiences.

30,000+ entries (target 5,000)
375,000+ unique visits (target 80,000)
169,080 people voted for their favourite entry in 7 days
1,199,185 page views
10+ minutes dwell time (target 6mins)
80% Australians were proud of the campaign

A full case study can be viewed here

Walkabout Planner iPhone Application

The 'Walkabout Planner' application was designed to showcase journey ideas within Australia. Users can find destinations by keywords such as coastal, outback, nature, romantic, adventure or food & wine. Users can also search and locate tourism products such as accomodation, car hire, sight seeing, events and more.

No Leave, No life

The 'No Leave No Life' website was designed to equip employees and employers with a range of resources and tools to collaboratively tackle annual leave stockpiling. This would then benefit the domestic tourism industry. The program came about in order to tackle Australia’s staggering 123 million days of stockpiled annual leave.

Telstra Be Involved

The 'Be Involved' website was designed to connect Telstra Ambassadors (notable Australian achievers) with the general public. This was done by creating a platform that combined social media tools like Twitter and Facebook with Telstra's own technologies like MMS and BigPond blogs. The homepage is dynamic, being constantly updated every time an Ambassador comments.

Telstra YouTube Channel

The Telstra YouTube Channel was designed as a self-help extension of the T-Shop. It contains support and how-to videos for Telstra devices. When a product is purchased in-store, staff and Point of Sale direct cutomers to the YouTube channel to learn more about its features and full capabilities.

Everlasting Love

'Everlasting Love' was an integrated campaign for Virgin Money Home Loans. A home loan is for a long time, it’s a relationship, a commitment. Using this insight, real couples who’d been together for a long time and were still in love (some even 57+ years married) were featured in risque liasions. The campaign generated approx $1 million worth of free PR and picked up a silver at the 2008 Adma Awards.

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